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Window treatment options for your bathrooms

January 30, 2019

Apart from the kitchen, your bathroom is the most used space in the house. It is where you head out when you want to grab a quick shower or even just freshen up. Seeing as you spend so much time in there, it would be really sad if you chose to neglect this space. You need to mold a bathroom into a place with personality, the kind of place people want to go in and linger. Whether you are the kind that loves to go natural on the lighting or revels in cracking a window to let the breeze flow over you, the right window treatments will go a long way toward helping you achieve the effect you are looking for. Here, you will need to think about things such as durability, privacy and the ability to control light. Keep in mind that by definition, bathrooms are places in which water thrives, so go with water-resistant materials.

Let’s take a look at some good bathroom window treatment concepts

The Kids’ Bathroom

Window treatments used in these areas need to be well-considered. Remember, kids are usually all over the place, and you don’t want them to tamper with hooks and cords. Window treatments present a choking hazard for kids, so you essentially want to go for materials that have no cords or places to hold on to. You also want them out of reach. Valances work best if your kids are between the ages of 2 and 6, and café curtains are good if they are between 7 and 12. These two types come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you need not worry about landing something that looks too bland.

Parlor Bathrooms

Most parlor bathrooms have a Victorian touch to them, so they bode very well with traditional window treatments. As such, you need to use polyester, cotton and silk to complete a fine ensemble. These bathrooms tend  to have rich colors and decorative accents. Green, red and blue curtains will go a long way toward spotlighting the windows. Finish it up by use of brass, gold or copper curtain rods.

Master Bathrooms

This is the biggest bathroom in any home, and it is usually lavishly assembled. To complete that elegant touch, vinyl shutter shades and motorized blinds are the way to go. Big bathrooms have skylights and massive windows, so you might want to think about motorized blinds here because they make it easy to control multiple windows at once.

Guest Bathrooms

You want your guests to feel relaxed and at home. You are also looking to show off a little, so your window treatments for the guest bathroom need to be on point. The key here is to not layer things up. Simply pair glass windows with valances to provide a sense of privacy while at the same time making sure that the final looks is elegant.

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