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Choosing Window Treatments for a Home Theater

November 20, 2018
In the past, home theaters were virtually unheard of. People simply didn’t set aside and decorate a place in order to spend time watching a movie with their families. However, the idea of home theaters has recently been getting warm reviews from homeowners across the board. A home theater is not a simple room with a large TV set and benches for people to sit-it is an entire operation that needs to be tricked just right in order to make sure that people get the best experience from their movie watching sprees. One of the things you need to think about is how you can control the amount of light coming from the windows-you don’t want your effects to be blotted out by glitter from the sinking sun. You also don’t want the glare from your TV set to jump out at you and make it hard to concentrate on what you are looking at. This is why you need to choose the right window treatments to go with your theater.

Below are some options you might want to explore;

Thick drapes will give the room a great feel
If your drapes are thick enough and well-lined, then you will be able to get rid of natural light and glare at the same time. There are tons of drape colors and designs out there, so just go for something that isn’t too light and whose color is unassuming enough not to take attention away from your TV or cast shadows across the room.

Go for blackout shades
This is the ideal solution if you want to keep light outside entirely. These shades have the effect of shifting focus from the windows to your TV screen, allowing you to immerse yourself in a real-life movie theater experience. Blackout shades also create a halo type of effect, allowing tiny pockets of light to pass through the sides, and that effect makes your experience even better.

Honeycomb shades will help a great deal too
These shades come in a range of designs. The blackout varieties work just like regular blackout shades. Since that point has already been made, lets focus on another look at another type of honeycomb shade; the light filtering variety. These shades allow you to balance out the light from your TV set with natural light getting in through the windows. They are also a great way to go if you want to maintain the temperature inside your theater room without necessarily jacking up your energy bills.

When choosing window treatments for your theater, there is more to consider than just the type. You will also need to think about getting treatments with the technology to either block or reduce noise from the outside. There are soft treatments out there that you can use to regulate vibrations and improve the quality of the sound emanating from the speaker systems. You can even throw in some motorized shades to give the room that Hollywood aura of luxury. Contact us for window treatments Langley, Tulsa and Grand lake. Whether you are leaning towards motorization in curtains or shades or are just out to grab a simple drape, we have it all ready for you.

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