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Why Natural Woven Shades Are Your Best Draw

December 18, 2018

Lovers of nature are always looking to go as organic as possible when it comes to the choice of window treatment they want to go with. Those looking for shades that do their job and at the same time inject a dimension of nature into the scheme of things will be happy to note that there are natural woven shades that will turn their living spaces into avenues of unparalleled beauty. These types can be woven woods, bamboo or grass shades When experts combine all sorts of natural materials to weave blinds, the end product is a range of colors and options that the buyer cannot say no to. This kind of palate is a sharp about turn from previous trends where synthetic materials were the king. When your natural shades hang from windows, they complete your dream of living in a natural wonderland that has the bells and whistles to back its pedigree.

A sense of respite

Natural woven shades give you a break from all the artificial stuff you see all around you. They come with an earthly feeling that moves around a room, radiating a glow that is as functional as it is aesthetic. These intricate weaves give you a choice between sizzling geometric patterns, designs and textures.

An otherworldly dimension to your style

Woven wood shades in particular are beloved because of their ability to throw in an extra dimension of style and elegance to your areas of living.  Most window treatment companies avail them in options such as ash, pine, mahogany, cherry, and a lot more.  This range of choices allows you to plan your room in such a way that the existing furniture complements  your shades. You can also lay down a deliberate pattern of contrast that highlights the strong points of your décor.

Woven shades are seen as the versatile opposite of most synthetic varieties because they make a room look chic and exotic in a way that is as simple as it is aesthetic. The final look you come up depends on the color, materials and patterns you choose to go with.

An eco-friendly choice

Seeing as they allow you to work with wood, bamboo, jute, grass and reeds, these shades are only solid by interior designers who are very conscious about the environment. However, this does not mean what is available out there is dull and boring; at Green Country Shutters, we strive to bring you all kinds of choices, from cream to earth brown and beige. We have many customization options for these types of products, which allows you to own your space.

At Green Country Shutters, we sell window treatments Tulsa, Langley and Grand Lake. Our dazzling collection includes shutters, shades, blinds and curtains. Our window shutters and other coverings are obtained from the best suppliers in all of Oklahoma, and we can guarantee that with us, you can never go wrong. If you are looking for window coverings, whether woven or synthetically made, send us a quick email or give us a call.

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