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Proper Length of Curtains for Window Treatment

November 27, 2018
How long should curtains be? This question has been asked many times. The answer is, there is no appropriate length and it is all up to you. Floor-length curtains seem to trend more these days as they make a room look classic and formal compared to short curtains. There are different lengths of curtains and although some may appear best suited for certain locations compared to others, it is only right to weigh your options before deciding.

1. Ceiling to floor
Curtains hung from the ceiling to the floor give a modern and classic look to a room. They make the room appear taller because visually, the human eye tends to follow lines. The room also seems more formal when this method of window treatment is applied. This will be most appropriate if you intend to open and close the curtains often. The downside to this look and all other curtains going that low is that dust tends to collect more at the bottom and if you have kids or pets, they may want to use them as climbing ropes.

2. Hovering over the floor
The room appears more relaxed when this type of curtain is used. These curtains are best for rooms with uneven floors or rooms with lower window sills. They also give the illusion of a higher ceiling. Another pro is that you won’t have to worry about your pet snuggling on them. They can also be used if there is a heater by the window as they can go as low as a few inches below the window sills and a few inches above the heater.

3. Puddled
The drapery flows from the ceiling and pours into the floor, creating a puddle. This look is mostly applied to high ceilings. The material most suitable to bring the best out of this look is silk, which billows best as it is light. However, this look needs the most care as pets may cosy up on the curtain, so frequent dusting and blowing is highly recommended.

4. Short curtains
Short curtains give a dated look to a room. They also cut the visual height of your room by half. This will make the room seem cluttered and disorganized to some extent. However, this is the most practical window treatment if you have kids or pets. It is also recommended if there is a presence of heat producing radiators or heaters by the window. If you do decide to go for this look, make sure the curtain length meets the top of the baseboard or the bottom of the windowsill. It is not advised to hang short curtains if they are hanging from the ceiling.

5. Café curtains
They are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchen windows where the window sills are over a sink, so you need some privacy but do not want to block out natural light. This is because café curtains are hung halfway or at the bottom pane of a two-part window.

What is the right length for your curtain? You are in the best position to answer that question as it goes with your taste and what will be best suited for your routine and convenience. If you are thinking of switching up the look in your house by changing the curtain style, weigh on the pros and cons to avoid regrets later on. Those looking for the correct sizes when it comes to window treatmentsTulsa, Langley and Grand Lake can simply shoot us an email!

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