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The Color Perspective in Window Treatments

December 18, 2018

Here at Green Country Shutters, we have an eye for the spectacular. We can visualize how certain colors work with each other in such a way that they look like they were simply designed to be together. We use this ability to make sure that our customers’ window treatments look and fit into the scheme of things just as they are supposed to.  The resulting effect is an intermarriage between the tones that is as perfect as it is practical.

The fallacy of color

When most homeowners think about color, they only consider walls and furniture. They work hard at making sure that these items stand out or complement each other. The window coverings are unceremoniously relegated to the position of unnecessary window trifles that add nothing of value to the general décor. However, this attitude is  badly mistaken. If your window treatments do not have the right color tones that work with the rest of the décor in there, then you are looking at a lopsided affair that wont work out right. Remember, light determines a lot in terms of the way a room is seen, and that light filters in through your windows. It is therefore fair to argue that your window treatments need to be at the centerpiece of your decoration plans.

How well do you understand your colors?

There are rules about color that we sort of picked off the street. For example, we all know that orange and yellow won’t go together, and that plaid and stripes don’t marry. However, color is a lot more than what goes with what.  Color tones evoke all sorts of emotions. Some showcase fear. Others show danger, peace, stillness, tranquility, comfort, quiet, and so on. In order to land the right mix of colors for your window treatments, you will need to learn, research and experiment.

What are the basics of color?

The color wheel will come in handy if you're looking for variations in tones that will evoke certain feelings. This tool is the interior designer’s manual, and it will help you land what you are looking for. It has 12 colors, and these are divided into primary (3), secondary (3) and tertiary (6). If you have to experiment with color, then make use of the color wheel for guidance.

Color temperature is important too

You have definitely heard about warm and cool colors, and that is essentially what we will be looking at here. If you go with oranges, reds and yellows, then you are considered to be using warm colors. The colors in this category are lively and can be used to allow a space to pop out. They diminish the space perspective of an object, meaning that they will make your windows look small, which makes the rest of the room look big.

Greens and blues are considered cool. They bring about the sense of calm and peace you need in a bedroom, a theater or playground.

Neutral tones such as beiges, whites, taupes, and tans balance out the hues in a room while comfortably keeping a low profile.

If you are looking for window treatments Tulsa, Langley and Grand Lake, contact us right away. We have many manual window coverings, but we also fully embrace motorization.


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