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Window Treatment Choices for Specialty Windows

December 04, 2018

There are some windows out there that look a little out of the ordinary. These are mostly specialty window types that are not just built to be fancy; they have a function. These stationary windows help increase the field of view and can be built in such a way that they bring in unprecedented amounts of lights into a room. They are also used to enhance the curb appeal in a room and introduce another dimension of character.

The problem with specialty windows is that they are not exactly easy to dress. You can have all kinds of window treatments at your disposal but still not find the right one for these types of windows. This is due to their highly complex geometrical designs. Green Country Shutters knows the exact window treatments customers should use for their specialty windows. Whether you are working with arches, uncanny angles, curves or even French doors, there is always something to go with.

The Choices 

If you are thinking about dressing up a space that contains some of the designs mentioned above, here is what we think you should go with;

If you are working with circle windows, arches and angles, then there are roller shades, shutters and cellular shades that will work for pretty much any shape out there.

Bow, bay and corner windows are regularly used to a great effect both commercially and residentially, and they come with several benefits- permitting more light into a room, throwing in an extra decorative edge and even providing extra seating space. All these work very well with window treatments that are simple in design and do not stifle their standout qualities.

Some people love French doors because of their ability to put light and versatility into a room. These doors have their own custom treatments that have been created to allow for cranks, handles, cutouts and levers.

Plantation shutters have solidified their reputation as a go-to choice for those with window designs that require customized treatments. You can use them on halfmoons, hexagons, ovals, rake windows and arched windows. Generally, shutters are classic and quite flexible, making them a highly sought-after choice for windows with unusual shapes.

If you were considering solar shades as an option, then you should go through with it. They work for a good number of awkwardly shaped windows and are a good bet if you are thinking about keeping your home cool. They also block the entrance of the UV rays of the sun into your living environment, and that keeps you safe. What’s more is that they get all that done without encroaching on visibility or privacy.

Roller shades also provide you with many alternatives when it comes to customization. They seem to have a penchant for being classy, so you can do no wrong with them.

Those looking for window treatments Tulsa, Langley or Grand Lake can contact us here at Green Country Shutters. We sell drapery, blinds, curtains, shades and everything in between. There is a diverse set of items on offer, so you just need to come in and collect!

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