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How to lighten up your living space

January 12, 2019

The space you live in is either brightened or darkened by things such as furniture, décor, appliances, wall art, painting and window treatments.  If your treatments are dark and your furniture is gaudy, then you can expect your living environment to be a little dark and intimidating. However, there are many ways in which you can use aspects of décor to brighten up your space. When things are bright inside a room, the illusion of space is created. Suddenly, the room looks larger, more inviting and easier to plan. There are several ways of achieving this, and you can check them out below;

Keep your window treatments neutral

If you are looking to keep things light, then you will need to know that less is more. Those using tall windows will only need a frame. Generally, keep your treatments at a minimum and go for more neutral tones. White or tan shutters are great when it comes to letting the light in. Sheer curtains are a great pick if you are looking to allow in the most amount of light possible.  Some people out there completely forgo all other window treatments and go with shutters, because they are the best choice for allowing in tons of natural light.


Lighting is the most popular way of making your space pop. You will need to choose light bulbs whose lumens are on the higher side. Lower lumens give your rooms that eerie yellow glow, and you don’t want that. LED and CFL bulbs are definitely the way to go here, as they are known to consume energy in a very economical way. You will need to place your bulb holders in strategic places around a room to make sure that each area gets a uniform amount of light and that there are no shadowy beams dancing all over the room. A good idea would be to have light reflect on to items in the room, creating an airy feel.

Go with white or light walls

Here, we are not talking about the blinding white you see in hospitals. We are talking about painting your walls in shades of white that make the space open, inviting and large. Cream is one of the top choices for people out there, as it is neither too neutral nor too ‘screamy’. You can use whites to let other colors pop. For example, you could have grey chairs in a white room. Pinks are also a way of injecting comfort and contrasting balance in an otherwise bland room.

Declutter your rooms

When your room is full of stuff, it will inevitably look and feel dinghy. However, when that room is clean and well organized, it looks bigger than it actually is. Get rid of all kinds of clutter in your room and pave way for change. Throw out what needs throwing and keep small items in boxes and baskets.

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