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Best window treatments for your home office

February 01, 2019

You may have the perfect furniture and desk, but what about your windows? Establishing a sufficient home office has always been a challenge, let’s face it. For you to work comfortably in your home office, it must have the right atmosphere. Choose a window treatment option that matches your home office décor. Factors to consider; Temperature Productivity is usually affected by temperature. It is therefore advisable to choose shade... Continue Reading

Window treatment options for your bathrooms

January 30, 2019

Apart from the kitchen, your bathroom is the most used space in the house. It is where you head out when you want to grab a quick shower or even just freshen up. Seeing as you spend so much time in there, it would be really sad if you chose to neglect this space. You need to mold a bathroom into a place with personality, the kind of place people want to go in and linger. Whether you are the kind that loves to go natural on the lighting or revels ... Continue Reading

Cleaning blinds and shades

January 20, 2019

Cleaning blinds and shades When homeowners clean the home, they take care of things such as furniture, cabinets, equipment and the floor. This is all good, until you think that window treatments such as blinds and shades are completely ignored. No matter how clean your room seems, you are never really quite there until you get to the treatments, where dust and germs tend to thrive. Next time you want to spruce up the place, start with your windo... Continue Reading

How to lighten up your living space

January 12, 2019

The space you live in is either brightened or darkened by things such as furniture, décor, appliances, wall art, painting and window treatments. If your treatments are dark and your furniture is gaudy, then you can expect your living environment to be a little dark and intimidating. However, there are many ways in which you can use aspects of décor to brighten up your space. When things are bright inside a room, the illusion of spa... Continue Reading

Why solar shades are sunglasses for windows

January 05, 2019

Solar shades have been in the scene for a long time now. They are stylish to use and easy to maintain, so if you have been looking for the ideal window treatments, then you will find yourself right at home with these ones. At Green Country Shutters, we strive to bring you a diverse set of these types of shades, giving you a sense of flexibility and choice. Just because they are functional does not mean you have to stick to a dull spectrum of colo... Continue Reading

The Color Perspective in Window Treatments

December 18, 2018

Here at Green Country Shutters, we have an eye for the spectacular. We can visualize how certain colors work with each other in such a way that they look like they were simply designed to be together. We use this ability to make sure that our customers’ window treatments look and fit into the scheme of things just as they are supposed to. The resulting effect is an intermarriage between the tones that is as perfect as it is practical. The... Continue Reading

Why Natural Woven Shades Are Your Best Draw

December 18, 2018

Lovers of nature are always looking to go as organic as possible when it comes to the choice of window treatment they want to go with. Those looking for shades that do their job and at the same time inject a dimension of nature into the scheme of things will be happy to note that there are natural woven shades that will turn their living spaces into avenues of unparalleled beauty. These types can be woven woods, bamboo or grass shades When expert... Continue Reading

Signs That You Need New Window Treatments

December 11, 2018

When you look at your shutters, blinds, or any other type of window covering, what do you see? I will answer that for you; you see perfection, pure and complete. Well, that is good for you because over time, that is not what you will continue to see. This is because window treatments will lose their luster or even functionality over time, and that is when you might need to do a replacement. Knowing the right time to replace window treatments is... Continue Reading

Window Treatment Choices for Specialty Windows

December 04, 2018

There are some windows out there that look a little out of the ordinary. These are mostly specialty window types that are not just built to be fancy; they have a function. These stationary windows help increase the field of view and can be built in such a way that they bring in unprecedented amounts of lights into a room. They are also used to enhance the curb appeal in a room and introduce another dimension of character. The problem with speci... Continue Reading

Proper Length of Curtains for Window Treatment

November 27, 2018

How long should curtains be? This question has been asked many times. The answer is, there is no appropriate length and it is all up to you. Floor-length curtains seem to trend more these days as they make a room look classic and formal compared to short curtains. There are different lengths of curtains and although some may appear best suited for certain locations compared to others, it is only right to weigh your options before deciding. ... Continue Reading

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