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Rustic meets modern convenience with these Natural Shades

April 25, 2017

If you have been searching for new window treatments, but have yet to find the right product, you may be pleasantly surprised on May 8. Graber has announced a new line of natural shades available from their authorized dealers in several styles. Graber Tradewinds® Natural Shades earned their name from showcasing renewable resources—bamboo, jute, and grasses. The use of these materials provides a soothing, organic aesthetic which ... Continue Reading

Including your Window Treatments in your Spring Cleaning List

April 10, 2017

Whether your spring cleaning checklist is a long detailed project or just some touch ups throughout your home, window treatments are one area not to overlook. When you invest in custom window treatment solutions for your home, they manufacturer often provides great details on how to increase the longevity of the product. The specific product will also vary greatly in the upkeep and ability to clean. While it is always best to refer to the... Continue Reading

Selecting Window Treatments to Manage The Upcoming Days of Sunshine

March 21, 2017

The first day of Spring is here! As the drab days of winter are passing, it is easy to crave the days of sunshine ahead. While the sunny days are enjoyable, the rays can be harmful to your home’s furnishings, create glare off electronics or even contribute to higher cooling costs. Large windows, especially on the west facing side of your home can see more problems. If you are exploring new window treatments, this is an opportune time to ... Continue Reading

Save Now on Graber Shade Enhancements

January 29, 2017

Shades can be a chosen for several reasons - appearance, energy efficiency, noise reduction and light filtering. Like most window treatments, they can stand alone or be incorporated into a layered installation with custom draperies to match the decor in the space. With so many details to choose from already, it may be surprising to learn there are a few more choices you can make when selecting some shades. One is referred to as bottom up/t... Continue Reading

Benefits of Routeless Blinds – Free Upgrade Through February 28

January 08, 2017

If it seems like there are more details than ever for selecting new blinds for your home, you may be correct. Manufacturers continue to offer new, enhanced products for increased functionality and aesthetics. Some changes are obvious and some are more subtle. One option you may not be as familiar with are routeless blinds. Common questions include: What are routeless blinds? Blinds have route holes in each slat for the cords to run through f... Continue Reading

If You are Thinking about Cellular Shades this Tool Can Help

December 19, 2016

Selecting window treatments to meet your home’s unique needs can seem overwhelming. There are both aesthetic and functionality factors to evaluate so you are satisfied with the product you choose now and for years to come. Along with choosing to work with a professional who specializes in the field, taking advantage of design tools can help walk you through the process can provide you the details to compare options. If you have been con... Continue Reading

Today’s Window Shades Play a lot of Roles

December 04, 2016

The term shades was often associated with plain vinyl that loudly, and often unevenly, rolled up. While that may have been correct years ago, today’s high quality shades are some of the best window treatments on today’s market. You can find shades for both indoor and outdoor applications. There is a vast selection of color and style choices, plus additional functionality available. If you are considering new window treatments, explo... Continue Reading

A Gift for You- Free Cordless Lift on Select Graber Products Until December 31

November 06, 2016

If you’ve been considering new window treatments for your home, you’ve probably discovered there are many options and details to evaluate. These choices are often influenced by your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle. Regardless of the product you ultimately decide on, one factor to think about is functionality and cords. Cord safety is one issue that homeowners have had to address for years. While there are retrofit options to he... Continue Reading

Strategies to Update with Window Treatments

October 09, 2016

Many homeowners think about furniture, flooring and paint when it comes to updating a space. While those are all important aspects of decor, outdated or damaged window treatments can also be an eyesore in the space. As you begin exploring all the window treatment options available, you might find it overwhelming to decide what works best for your space and your lifestyle. Evaluating both your style preferences and functional needs, helps narrow ... Continue Reading

How the Wrong Window Treatments Can Detract From Your Space

September 18, 2016

Many people purchase window treatments simply for their practical implications – to block light and offer privacy. While those will always be an important part of selecting coverings for your windows, there are other factors to consider. Explore these common mistakes homeowners make: Blocking views – Increasing privacy and reducing light does not mean completely blocking views from your home. Whether you choose a more specializ... Continue Reading

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