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Insolroll Exterior Shades for Your Outdoor Spaces

Are you lost on what exterior shades to use for your outdoor spaces? The Oasis Patio Insect Shades are the perfect choice for your patio. These are not only designed to keep flies and insects out but also to protect you from UV rays. The shades are fitted with a track system that will make you feel like you are zipped inside them because they literally do zip you inside. You can choose from a whole gamut of fabrics, from those that keep insects out to those that block the sun better.


The shades remain taut in conditions of strong wind because the ShyZIP edge system is designed to spread the stress from strong wind currents all through the fabric. The shades have been tested in very windy conditions and the system with the captured edge has held up remarkably. Look through the catalog and see what type of exterior shades you like for your large windows and we will be glad to help you out.