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Protect Your Home from The Sun with Solar Shades

The Graber LightWeaves Solar Shades are a combination of form and function. These are the perfect shades for the homeowner who wants some protection from UV rays and glare and also likes style. You also don't have to worry about the shades blocking the picturesque sunsets you love to watch. Choose from a variety of fabrics that come with different qualities. You cannot miss a fabric that blends well with other furnishings in the home when you choose Graber.


Apart from the innumerable fabrics you have to choose from, there is also a choice for the opacity that you want as well as heaviness of the material. You will want these because they are translucent and airy. Darker light-blocking fabrics are also available for those who want privacy.


Homeowners can also choose solar shades according to panel accents from Graber Panel Accents, a line of shades with sliding panels. These allow you to create the coordinated look that completes the décor in your home.