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Tips for Finding Blinds for Oddly Shaped and Non-Standard Windows

Not all windows are a standard rectangle size that can be covered in basic off-the-shelf window treatments available at your neighborhood retailer. More unique shaped windows can contribute to the architecture in the home, and the products should be carefully selected to make the most of these windows.

In the Skiatook area, you will want to work with a professional to help you explore all the choices and find the product that meets your needs. There are some options that will work for nearly any shape, while others function better with some products as opposed to others.

Round windows – Cellular shades and shutters are two options you may want to look into. While they create a different feel in the space, each has many benefits to consider, such as the efficiency, privacy and style.

Angled windows – If your Skiatook home has triangle or trapezoid windows, you might have been looking for products for your space. Like round windows, plantation shutters and cellular shades can be a good option, as well as woven wood blinds.

Bay windows – While the light from a large bay window can flow throughout the space, finding the right item for you home can include several layers including shades or blinds as well as curtains or valences.

Arched windows- There are many possible solutions including wood blinds, faux blinds, shutters and shades.
Regardless of the product you choose, there are other factors that should be part of your decision. First, do the window treatments need to be open and closed frequently to allow light in, or do they filter the light well? Is the window accessible to be cleaned?

With so many elements of selecting the best products, working with a professional can make the difference. In the Skiatook area, contact Green Country Shutters to work with an expert on the options available. Charlotte East is a certified Window Coverings Association expert, with more than 20 years of experience.