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Window Treatment Options for Fulshear, TX Homeowners

Window treatments go a long way toward helping you decorate your home. They can help improve that look you may be going for. Whether you want the classic vintage vibe or a simple homely feel, window treatments can help you achieve what you want. Customized window treatments give you a more personalized touch as opposed to off-the-shelf ones that you get from your local hardware store.

Green Country Shutters offers quality customized window treatments to suit your style. In addition to custom fabric and motorization options, there is a wide range of window treatment options you can choose from if you are not sure of what you want.

Why should you get a professional?

A professional will get the right measurements for your window treatments. You will also get more information on issues such as privacy, energy usage (if you choose to have a motorized option) and so much more. A professional will also guide you in choosing the right material to use based on the location of the window, humidity and other factors that may negatively affect your window treatments. Talking to them about your budget will help you get your money’s worth as they most likely know affordable options you can go for if you are on a tight budget.

Window treatment options to consider

Pleated shades – The reason why shades are often the go-to option for most homeowners in Fulshear is the variety they offer. You get to choose the material, style, color and light filtration level. Other than pleated shades, you can choose between cellular and solar shades. With shades, you not only get the beauty part of it but the functionality as well. Exterior shades are another choice available for those who want to be different.

Wood blinds – Wood blinds give you a variety of paint and stain color options you can go for that will blend with the theme color of the room. If you choose to go for wood or faux wood, make sure it is of high quality and built to last. Wooden or faux wood blinds give a warm feel to your room and well in different styles, with the rustic or ultramodern look coming to mind.

Composite or hardwood shutters – Hardwood shutters are best used in areas with low humidity. Although a bit pricey, they are considered a worthwhile investment as they offer both style and quality. Composite shutters on the other hand are best suited for spaces with high humidity.

Draperies – They come in many available options. When choosing what to go for, the fabric and color are just the tip of the iceberg. The length and size of your drapes should coincide with the size of your window. If properly installed, draperies can add a dash of elegance to your room. To top it off, you can use it with other window treatments (e.g., blinds).

Getting an expert to install your window treatments will assure you of the safety and security of your investment. If you are located in Fulshear, TX and want quality customized window treatments that will suit your desired style, then contact Green Country Shutters.