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Hunter Douglas

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Hunter Douglas is a brand name in providing top-notch beautiful window treatments. Their every product is designed and assembled in the U.S. As per the needs and requirements, the customer gets to choose from various sizes, colors, and fabrics and operating system. Hunter Douglas believes in innovation and high-quality. It is the reason that they offer unique and exclusive choices in window treatment to their valuable customers.

Different styles of window treatments

Hunter Douglas provides a perfect light diffusing sheers and shadings. This kind of window treatment protects the furniture as well as the costly artwork from harmful UV rays.
Silhouette window shadings
They offer fabric vanes which are soft in texture and adjustable. They are efficient enough to diffuse harmful UV rays. They seem to float in between the two panels of sheer fabric. Slight tilting of fabric vane is enough to seek the required amount of light as well as solitude.
Luminette Privacy Sheers are particularly designed for broad sliding doors and windows. They offer ample scope for solitude as well as prevent entry of light. They come in a bunch of drapery and sheer fabrics.
This innovative feature offers delicate horizontal textile vanes that are enclosed to an individual sheer backing. A unique feature of this shading is that they promote excellent outlooks to the outside. On the other hand, they securely maintain the privacy as well as the complete charm of the textile on the inside.
They are the pioneer of original cellular shades. The innovative approach has made them restore the charm and offer energy efficiency at the window irrespective of cold or warm weather condition. Honeycomb shades are constructed in such a way that they trap air in different pockets. As a result, insulation gets created and ultimately reduces the energy consumption and energy bills. They are available in a wide range of fabrics, pleat sizes, colors, textures, and opacities.

Duette Architella offers more energy consumption as it offers a honeycomb in a honeycomb.
The Vertiglide operating system offers excellent added insulation.
The Alustra Collection offers a wide range of innovative and exclusive design-inspired textiles, colors, textures and hardware finishes.

Roman Shades
Hunter Douglas offers three types of Roman shades.
Vignette Modern Roman Shade- It is available in different fabrics, sizes, and styles. It is easy to clean and maintenance hardly requires any efforts. Its specialty is that there are no rear cords that are exposed. As a result, one can enjoy safe and clutter free windows. It is made up of consistent folds.Design Studio- This Roman shade comes in an exclusive four traditional styles. It comes in various fabrics. It can be customized depending on the customer’s needs and requirements by adding trims, tapes, and complementary valences.Solera- It offers a fluid, carved look. It comes in both non-woven and woven textile. It is available in both room darkening and light-filtering options.
Its unique feature is that it provides excellent control of light and offers a perfect modern touch on the inside. It comes in an array of various materials and textiles.
Woven Woods Window treatment
It offers a perfectly natural and characteristic look to the window and to the inside of the home interior. It is available in two different varieties.
All the shutters are made up of very high-quality material, Thus, they are highly durable and last longer. At the same time, finishing touches are perfect and long lasting too. Shutters offer solitude as well as the touch of exclusive fine architecture. Following shutters are offered by Hunter Douglas.
Vertical blinds come in an array of fine fabrics and also in aluminum, vinyl, alternate wood and wood materials. They are custom made.
Wood and Metal Blinds
These horizontal blinds are available in different colors, slat sizes, and textures. They are made out of aluminum, wood and faux wood. Authenticity provided by wood blinds offers a traditional touch to the interior.
They make place alive with the touch of modern and brazen colors. They come with a bottom-up or top-down privacy option. They are available in two operating systems. One is the LiteRise operating system and the other one is the PowerView Motorization operating system.

Final Words
Hunter Douglas is a leading name in the windows treatment industry. They have invented various window treatment designs in order to revolutionize the industry for better energy consumption. They are innovative in approach and believe in customer satisfaction. No other brand is capable of providing long-lasting window treatments that not only offers privacy but adds to the room décor. They offer unique designs which are beautiful and appealing and at the same time they take care of safety and energy efficiency.