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A review of Norman Motorized Faux Wood and Wood shutters

May 02, 2019

Norman have plantation shutters that give your home a tastefully polished look. Not only are they made with visual appeal but they also have innovative tech to boot. That they are affordable means they are easily making it into a lot of homes across America. The shutters are also designed to be child-proof as they don’t have any cords that can easily injure children/pets as they play around the house.

Elegantly stylish

With this brand of shutters, Norman have ensured they incorporated functionality and sleek design as well as the ultra-modern look. These handcrafted window treatments are perfect for your home’s automation as well as aesthetics. You can have the shutters in a number of colors including grey, which is a current favorite for home design.

Available in a variety of materials

These shutters come in wood and composite. Each has its own advantages so you can’t go wrong no matter what material you choose. Wood has the natural look so it has more visual appeal than composite. The classic sophistication of wood in interior décor remains unchallenged. The wood is also certified by the FSC so you know that it has been sourced sustainably. If you choose the faux wood option, then you will have an array of shades to choose from so they are highly recommended for those who are trying to match everything to a theme. The best thing about faux wood shutters is that you don’t need to do a lot to look after them in the right way. You can use a soft cloth or a feather duster to clean them.

Composite shutters are best suited for areas like the kitchen or bathroom. They may not match the beauty of wood shutters but they are the better option for humid rooms that often have moisture. Composite shutters also look good for children’s rooms.

The embellishments

The back panel is fitted with recessed magnets that allow the shutters to close gently so that they don’t bang shut. The design also incorporates ultra-invisible hinges that stay hidden from either side of the shutters keeping with the modern look. The shutters are made even more modern by the tilt system which eliminates the need for a bar at the back or middle of the shutters. The motorized kind is powered using solar power or a battery. Norman motorized shutters may come at a premium but you will need them if you have high windows. The shutters also have remote control so that you can adjust the shutters to reduce or increase the amount of light coming into the room.

Norman is a brand has made a name for itself in the window treatment industry and these shutters are another in a long line of successful window treatment ideas. They look good in homes with a provincial design resembling a ranch. You could also use them for other types of homes since they have a lot of bells and whistles. They will fit your living room perfectly. They are also useable in offices.


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