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A review of Norman Motorized Faux Wood and Wood shutters

May 02, 2019

Norman have plantation shutters that give your home a tastefully polished look. Not only are they made with visual appeal but they also have innovative tech to boot. That they are affordable means they are easily making it into a lot of homes across America. The shutters are also designed to be child-proof as they don’t have any cords that can easily injure children/pets as they play around the house. Elegantly stylish With this brand of ... Continue Reading

This is why you should choose wood shutters for your windows

March 08, 2019

Wood shutters are simply louvered window treatments that help to control the amount of light that enters a room. They are made from a variety of woods including pine, cedar, cypress, redwood, mahogany and others. There are also shutters made from composite materials. They come in a variety of styles with the most popular being full height shutters, tier on tier, solid, cafe style and shaped shutters. Shutters can be installed both outside and ins... Continue Reading

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