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What are folding shades and why are they so popular?

April 30, 2019

Blinds and shades are an important aspect of interior decorating. Folding shades are in particular a common choice among plenty of people in Tulsa and beyond. They are beloved because of their versatility in use. If you are wondering why these kinds of shades are such an important fixture of may Oklahoma homes and businesses, then below are the reasons; A range of choices Folding shades have a splash of color that a lot of homeowners will benef... Continue Reading

City lights getting you down? invest in a set of blackout shades

March 21, 2019

City life has many advantages including easy access to social amenities, healthcare, dining facilities and entertainment spots. In addition, cities have better educational and employment opportunities, easy access to housing and the general feeling that you are feeling in an exciting fast paced environment. Living in the city is no walk in the park however and you may have to deal with the effects of overcrowding, pollution, crime and even things... Continue Reading

Window treatments for your commercial space

February 21, 2019

If you want to work comfortably and efficiently, your commercial space must have the right surroundings. It is important to hire a professional commercial space decorator with years of experience in order to help you in selecting the window treatments that fit into your space. When selecting window treatments for your office, keep in mind the kind of setting you want. The right window treatments improve the style and appearance of your office. Tr... Continue Reading

Best window treatments for your home office

February 01, 2019

You may have the perfect furniture and desk, but what about your windows? Establishing a sufficient home office has always been a challenge, let’s face it. For you to work comfortably in your home office, it must have the right atmosphere. Choose a window treatment option that matches your home office décor. Factors to consider; Temperature Productivity is usually affected by temperature. It is therefore advisable to choose shade... Continue Reading

How to lighten up your living space

January 12, 2019

The space you live in is either brightened or darkened by things such as furniture, décor, appliances, wall art, painting and window treatments. If your treatments are dark and your furniture is gaudy, then you can expect your living environment to be a little dark and intimidating. However, there are many ways in which you can use aspects of décor to brighten up your space. When things are bright inside a room, the illusion of spa... Continue Reading

Why solar shades are sunglasses for windows

January 05, 2019

Solar shades have been in the scene for a long time now. They are stylish to use and easy to maintain, so if you have been looking for the ideal window treatments, then you will find yourself right at home with these ones. At Green Country Shutters, we strive to bring you a diverse set of these types of shades, giving you a sense of flexibility and choice. Just because they are functional does not mean you have to stick to a dull spectrum of colo... Continue Reading

The upsides to using Graber Automated Shades

May 29, 2018

Are you considering getting Graber Automated Shades for your house? Many people are intrigued by automated shades but are not sure what the benefits are. Their interest is piqued by some particular aspect of automated shades, but they aren’t really convinced they are worth the investment. Here is a look at the top benefits that come with Graber Automated Shades; Convenience This is one benefit that comes with every type of automated... Continue Reading

Choosing the right window treatments

November 01, 2017

Windows are, more often than not, ignored when it comes to housing- yet they add a lot of value and beauty to a house. Window treatments are articles applied in, on or over a window. Professionally applied window treatments boost the attractiveness of the window and the entire room. There is a wide variety of window treatments to choose from, ranging from blinds and shutters to all forms of drapery. The choice of an appropriate window treatment m... Continue Reading

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