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Minimalistic window dressing ideas for 2019

May 30, 2019

Minimalistic designs always look good no matter where you apply them and in recent times, they have become the popular trend. These designs show that less is more and can add beauty to your home while simplifying everything. If you like your windows dressed lightly without too much clutter, then you should consider these design ideas. Even though your windows may not be heavily draped, it doesn’t mean that you will have to live with glare on the TV or sacrifice your privacy.

  1. Drapes with wave pleats

    The wave pleats on these curtains are elegant, simple and neat. This is a style that the city minimalist would like in their condo. The style looks good for homes with large windows. With just the simple wave design for style, you don’t need holdbacks or tiebacks. If you choose this design for you home, use a traverse ripple fold curtain rod.

  2. Shoji Screens

    Shoji Screens are the best window dressing to go for if you are trying to create an atmosphere of calm and balance. These are made by clipping panels of canvas or rice paper to double tracks mounted on the ceiling. They have drapery wands attached to move them to the sides of the windows. Shoji screens are neutral screens that you can use no matter what theme you want to apply. You can never go wrong with a color scheme either. You could also decide to mix a few colors as you please. Shoji Screens are the kind of window blinds that save you the trouble of dealing with a lot of fabric.

  3. Room dividers on tracks

    It is drapery that would be perfect for a studio apartment to separate the bedroom area from the rest of the space. The tracks are mounted to the ceiling and the drapes fitted. Such drapes give you some privacy without having to do much to the space.

  4. Ring clip Drapes

    The beauty of these window treatments is their simplicity. They are perfect for the homeowner who wants curtains on their windows but doesn’t want too much fabric. It is the kind of widow treatment that the DIY’er can do many varied things with. You can choose between full rings and C-rings and there are a number of finishes to choose from. The fabric can used flat or pleated in case you want the fuller look.

  5. Ceiling mounted rods

Curtains that are fitted inside a dedicated recess have a sleek finish that complements any room. Covering the hardware completely increases your view and gives the room a calm atmosphere. If you want to add luxury to the curtains, then you could also motorize them so that you can control the light coming into the room with just the flick of a switch. Fitting your curtains to ceiling rods gives the impression of endless fabric, and a sophisticated finish.

Those who love minimalistic designs have probably tried half the styles on this list plus many others. We would like to hear your take on this and other topics. Tell us what you think about the styles we have featured and share what you know about minimalistic interiors.

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