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How to find window treatments that match your carpet

May 21, 2019

Window treatments and the rugs on your floors are two of the most utilitarian elements in any home. One controls the amount of light that comes into your home and the other covers about all the surfaces that you step on. Aside from how useful they, these two can also contribute to the overall appearance of your home. In this piece, we share a few tips that will help you bring your indoor spaces together by matching these two the right way.

Create balance

Balance is the most important aspect when it comes to interior décor because you don’t want anything standing out too much and overpowering all other elements in the room. This also goes for your choice of window treatments and rugs. Check the color tones for these two and you should be fine. One should not be so deep that it overpowers the other. Too much color can also make the room feel cluttered.

Decide whether to complement or accent

Color palettes aside, there are many other ways to strike a balance with your living space décor. Another approach is to decide on a way the carpet will relate to the window treatments. One should complement or accent the other. The accent piece should have bolder colors or designs or it could combine both. Complementary pieces, on other hand, have designs that look similar. You can pick any of these two for your home there is no better choice, each will improve your indoor spaces in different ways.

Choose warm or cool colors for these two items

Most carpets and window coverings use neutral colors and most people assume that this means they fall nowhere on the wider categories of warm and cool colors. You don’t need a red carpet for a warm tone. You need a consistent tone for these two items and you can easily get it wrong if you are not very keen on the hues you pick. For instance, a carpet with a cool grey color would make bright orange curtains look out of place. Just make sure the tone is not all over the place and that you strike a balance.

Wood for window coverings

You can still coordinate window treatments with floor coverings even when you are not using any fabric on the windows. If you have wood shutters in your home or some areas of the home, then you should consider using earthy tones on the rugs. Find rugs with large threads and artistic patterns to keep it interesting.

 A sure way to get window treatments that match the carpeting is to get them from the same store. This way, you can compare the two better even before you lay them out in the house. What’s more, you can always get one of the two exchanged if at all you change your mind soon after you have bought them.

Getting home décor right is not an easy task, but with the right advice,  you should nail it. Use these ideas to create a theme that expresses your taste in interior design.





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