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Strategies to Update with Window Treatments

October 09, 2016

Many homeowners think about furniture, flooring and paint when it comes to updating a space. While those are all important aspects of decor, outdated or damaged window treatments can also be an eyesore in the space. As you begin exploring all the window treatment options available, you might find it overwhelming to decide what works best for your space and your lifestyle. Evaluating both your style preferences and functional needs, helps narrow ... Continue Reading

How the Wrong Window Treatments Can Detract From Your Space

September 18, 2016

Many people purchase window treatments simply for their practical implications – to block light and offer privacy. While those will always be an important part of selecting coverings for your windows, there are other factors to consider. Explore these common mistakes homeowners make: Blocking views – Increasing privacy and reducing light does not mean completely blocking views from your home. Whether you choose a more specializ... Continue Reading

3 Window Treatment Solutions not to Overlook in your Search

September 06, 2016

When it comes to selecting new window treatments for your home, you may already have a few ideas of what style and functionality you wan - and maybe even a few products. To make the most of your investment in new window treatments, taking the time to work with a professional help you explore the options available, so you can appreciate your choice now and for years to come. A few window treatment solutions that you may want to include in your sea... Continue Reading

Simple Tips for Getting Started Selecting New Window Treatments

August 21, 2016

Throughout our homes we often think – if it is not broken we do not need to fix it. While that may be true for many aspects, over time styles become outdated and our lifestyles can require different functionality for furnishings and decor. If it has been a while since you installed new window treatments, or you are living with products a previous owner of your home selected, take the time to see what is now available. You will likely be su... Continue Reading

3 Alternatives to Vertical Blinds to Explore

August 07, 2016

Vertical blinds have been the go-to option for sliding patio doors and oversize windows for decades. While they are a suitable choice for many installations, homeowners seeking an alternative often do not know where to start looking. The good news is there are alternatives to explore to see what is the right option for your home. If you are considering window treatments for sliding doors or oversize windows, explore these options: Vertical Cell... Continue Reading

Why Solar Shades May be the Right Solution to Reduce Sun Glare Without Ruining Your Views

July 16, 2016

You bought your home for the views and connection to the outdoor space around it. Now one of the main features is also a challenge to your everyday living as you combat sun glare and constant heat from the windows that provide the scenery you enjoy. While many window treatments can solve glare concerns, or help reduce the heat in a space – it sometimes comes at the expense of a home's views. One alternative window treatment to consider ... Continue Reading

Finding the Right Window Treatments for a Bay Window

June 19, 2016

Bay windows can be a beautiful element in your home, but when it comes to selecting window treatments many homeowners think they may be limited in their options or can be overwhelmed where to start. If you find yourself in that predicament, you will be pleased to learn that is just a misconception and there are a lot of choices providing both style and functionality. Some window treatment options to consider for a bay window include: A Framed a... Continue Reading

Updates and Information on the Virtual Cord Platform

May 30, 2016

By now you’ve probably read about the benefits of motorized window treatment. One option that you'll likely hear more about is the Virtual Cord Platform featuring Z-Wave radio technology. There are many reasons this is considered to be a better motor solution across the board due to the simplicity it offers: it’s simple to select and quote, simple to install and troubleshoot, and simple to operate. This technology offers some of the ... Continue Reading

Window Treatment Solutions for Arched Windows

May 23, 2016

There are endless covering options for standard rectangular windows, but once you start looking beyond to installations for specialty windows in your home, the choices can seem limited. If finding the right coverage for the arched windows in your home is a concern as you select window treatments, work with an expert to see what coordinating options are available. The good news is many of the products you are considering for the standard windows ... Continue Reading

Evaluate Motorized Window Treatments - Futuristic Living or Ultimate Convenience

May 17, 2016

As technology increases homes are becoming increasingly automated – from controlling temperatures and lighting to security and just about every other aspect of living. While you may not consider window treatments a high tech element in your home- motorization can change that thought process. Many homeowners are considering motorized window treatments for added privacy, safety and functionality. If you’ve been considering new windo... Continue Reading

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