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Are Floor Length Window Treatments Right For Your Space?

September 29, 2015

From ambiance to privacy, floor length window treatments can make a statement in your home. Although they may not be a practical choice for kitchens or baths, custom draperies that extend to the floor might be the element you are looking for in your bedroom, dining room or living room. If you are considering this look for your home, there are several aspects you will have to think about including: Light filtering or room darkening Floor lengt... Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Consider Shutters for Your Home

September 03, 2015

Strolling the aisles of any large retailer may seem like you can find a good selection of window treatments Tulsa for your home, but solely looking at stock items can limit your options. For homeowners who have are considering custom options, there can be a sense of “sticker shock” at first, but evaluating the benefits of each product can help. One classic choice is shutters, both hardwood and composite. Hardwood options add warmth ... Continue Reading

Are Hunter Douglas Solar Shades the window treatments you've been seeking?

August 26, 2015

If you have ruled out solar shades due to a perception that they will not provide the level of style and sophistication you need, take a look at the Alustra® Screen Shades by Hunter Douglas. Or, if they were not even on the list of options you are considering, take the time to see if this is the solution you have been looking for in your home. Some reasons to keep these shades on your list of window treatment Tulsa options include: Creating ... Continue Reading

Proper maintenance for your Window Treatments

August 20, 2015

Window treatments can be selected for their design impact in a room, or just to provide much needed privacy to a space. Of course, once they are installed, they are not something homeowners think much about unless they break or they are making a major style change in their home. When you invest in custom window treatment Tulsa solutions for your home, the manufacturer often provides great details on how to increase the longevity of the product.... Continue Reading

Custom Draperies an Option for Nearly Any Décor

July 23, 2015

While many people equate custom draperies with a more traditional design influence, there are fabric selections and styles that range from modern to classic. Coordinating drapery hardware can complete the look you want in your space. If you are considering custom draperies consider the following elements of the design process: Create attractive draperies from the top down When you work with high quality drapery fabric it can allow you many di... Continue Reading

Selecting the Right Window Treatments - Light Filtering, Light Blocking or Both

July 17, 2015

When you are selecting new window treatments for your home, focusing on the needs of each space can let you choose the best product. One of the first questions to address is whether you want to minimize the natural light in the space, diffuse the natural light or leave it completely uninterrupted. Then address your privacy concerns for the room and you can start to select the best choice for your home for both functionality and aesthetics. Tw... Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Install Motorized Window Treatments

July 13, 2015

We’ve come a long way from the days of having to get up, walk across a room and manually change a television channel. Our lives are more and more automated and simplified through technology. If you enjoy those conveniences, motorized window treatments might be the right solution for your home. While it may not seem like a lot to open and close the window treatments you choose, when you consider your lifestyle, motorization tulsa could be b... Continue Reading

Preparing Your Home for Sale- Dont Overlook the Window Treatments

July 07, 2015

Buyers are concerned about location and the layout, but little details along the way can set the impression of your home. Dated curtains and broken or missing blinds can give the impression that your home is out of style or not maintained. While preparing your home for sale might not require the most luxurious window treatments on the market, simple updates can help make a better impression. How old are your kitchen curtains? That may sou... Continue Reading

Are Solar Shades the Right Window Treatment for Your Home?

June 30, 2015

When you are shopping for window treatments tulsa, there are some common options you might consider – blinds, shades, shutters and curtains. And while all of those can be great choices, if you have limited your search to standard off the shelf products you might be missing out on a great option for your space. Solar shades are versatile, available in many customizations to fit with nearly any décor, while providing exceptional functi... Continue Reading

Selecting Window Treatments for Large Windows

June 30, 2015

Large windows are desirable for letting in light and taking in the views, but many homeowners are not sure what type of window treatments tulsa to select for both function and style. Whether you have a wall of glass to cover or a single oversized picture window, there are many elements to consider: 1. How much privacy do you want? 2. Are there amazing views from this space? 3. Do you also... Continue Reading

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