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Finding the best window treatments to darken a room

June 29, 2015

Whether you sleep during the day because you work nights, or you want to create a space for a home theater, there are many reasons you might want window treatments that eliminate sunlight in a room. The need for privacy and the desire to block light are often grouped together but there are some nuances to consider as well. Privacy can vary from light filtering products that provide minimal coverage through blackout choices that entirely cover the... Continue Reading

Selecting Window Treatments for Rooms Lacking Natural Light

June 02, 2015

One dilemma homeowners face is selecting window treatments tulsa for rooms that are lacking natural light. While too much light can be easily managed with a wide variety of products that can darken a space when needed, window treatments tulsa cannot add light to a dark room. They can however, add privacy and style without making a room substantially darker, and even add a pop of color or softness. Avoid heavy fabrics and multiple layers To get ... Continue Reading

Are Wood blinds or Faux Wood Blinds Better for Your Home?

May 06, 2015

Wood blinds are an excellent choice for many homeowners, coordinating with a variety of decors from modern to rustic to eclectic, and nearly everything in between. Available in numerous colors and stains, they are desired for their warmth and classic beauty. The term wood blinds is often used to describe both traditional wood blinds and also faux wood blinds. As a homeowner there are many factors to consider before selecting one product over the... Continue Reading

Selecting Window Treatments for Large Windows

Selecting Window Treatments for Large Windows

April 30, 2015

Large windows are desirable for letting in light and taking in the views, but many homeowners are not sure what type of window treatments to select for both function and style. Whether you have a wall of glass to cover or a single oversized picture window, there are many elements to consider: How much privacy do you want? Are there amazing views from this space? Do you also need energy efficiency? What level of functionality... Continue Reading

Comparing Wood Blinds and Shutters for Your Home

Comparing Wood Blinds and Shutters for Your Home

April 26, 2015

With so many options for window treatments available, homeowners often do not know where to start their search and as a result, stay with familiar choices. Regardless of the option chosen, one outcome is certain – what you decide on will be something you see in your space every day. Taking the time to research window treatment options can let you have an end result you enjoy seeing in your home. One common question that comes up is: what i... Continue Reading

A Simple Guide to Finding the Best Window Treatments for Your Kitchen

A Simple Guide to Finding the Best Window Treatments for Your Kitchen

April 24, 2015

One of the most frequently used spaces in any home is the kitchen. Whether you prepare gourmet meals, or have the best take-out on speed dial, chances are you pass through the room several times each day. Because it is so functional, this space can be more challenging for selecting window treatments than rooms that get less traffic. If you are wondering what options might work in your home, take a simple inventory to get started: List how many w... Continue Reading

Automated Shades Combine Aesthetics and Convenience

Automated Shades Combine Aesthetics and Convenience

March 11, 2015

If you have stayed away from shades because you envision them to be a vinyl material that rolls up and down, or pleated versions with cords that require a balancing act to be raised equally, take the time to look at newer options on the market. Graber recently introduced a new line of automated shades that are both attractive and easy to use. Some of the reasons to consider these window treatments with the latest features are being able to: Co... Continue Reading

Move Past Outdated Technology with Graber Automated Shades

Move Past Outdated Technology with Graber Automated Shades

February 25, 2015

Chances are you are not using the same computer you were several years ago, talking on the same phone or watching the same television, so why are you using the same window treatments? We can conduct business from nearly anywhere, video message around the globe and watch movies on the go, yet many people are using the same styles for shades they were two decades ago. That’s where Graber automated shades come in… providing the latest t... Continue Reading

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