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Grand Lake Window Treatment

Choosing the décor for your home goes beyond paint, flooring and furnishings. Selecting the best window treatments can complete a room with both style and functionality. While you can look for off the shelf stock options in hardware stores, department stores or discount retailers, taking the time to find choices that are customized for your space can be worth the investment.

In the Grand Lake area, Charlotte East, owner of Green Country Shutters, provides personalized service to clients by offering a complete selection of quality window treatments. Her expertise can also help you with addition features such as motorization or custom fabrics to complete the space.

Getting started

Bringing in an expert is essential for many reasons. Getting proper measurements is necessary for the correct fit for the window treatments for your home. This is also a time to discuss any needs beyond the aesthetics, such as light filtering, privacy or energy efficiency concerns. Addressing the scale of the window is another aspect of the planning that should be evaluated to pick the right product.

This is also a time to discuss budget, preferred materials and review each space for any factors such as excess humidity that are a factor in the selection process. Style preferences are an important part of the discussion, especially if the window treatments are part of a renovation.

Exploring the options

Wood and Faux Wood Blinds- Wood blinds are often chosen for the warmth which can work in a variety of styles from ultramodern to rustic. The flexibility of multiple paint and stain colors provides aesthetic freedom to blend into any space. Whether you opt for wood or faux wood options it is essential to choose a product with superior materials and craftsmanship.

Pleated, Cellular or Solar Shades - Shades provide many variations from material, style, energy efficiency, color and opacity, making them a popular choice for homeowners. There are both aesthetic and functionality aspects of this decision. Stepping outside of the home, exterior shades are another option that can be discussed.

Wood or Composite Shutters - Like blinds, shutters can offer a sense of warmth in any room. The main decisions to make are color and material. Hardwood shutters are often considered an investment in style and quality, while composite shutters are often used in high humidity spaces. From an environmental perspective, hardwood shutters should be sources from forests with responsible harvesting practices.

Custom Draperies - Fabric is only the beginning of the conversation for custom draperies. You will want to ask about the quality to make sure your drapes hang beautifully including double-turned hems, sewn-in liners, and bottom weights. Draperies can also provide an additional layer of elegance to any space, working in conjunction with blinds or shades.

Once you decide on which option is best for your space, it is important to work with a company that offers professional installation as part of their service, so that your investment protected. If you are looking for window treatments at Grand Lake, explore what Green Country Shutters can do for you to find the best solution for your home.