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The Perfect Drapes For Your Jenks Home

Drapes have been the window covering of choice since time began. They are beautiful and help keep out drafts, while also providing privacy. There are literally thousands of styles of draperies available, each one designed to showcase your windows or doors. When you choose drapes, you can go bold or conservative – the choice is yours! With artfully combined fabrics and trims, you can bring to life the window treatments of your dreams for your Jenks oasis.

Upwardly mobile

If you have windows or sidelights that could use some style, consider full-length drapes. When you place long drapes over your windows, you instantly create the illusion of higher ceilings. They can be used seamlessly over blinds or shades to soften the look, combining practical window coverings with ones that can create an elegant air in your room.

Valances to the rescue!

If you would prefer not to have drapes hanging on either side of your windows, consider a custom valance! With valances you can break up the view, framing your windows, without compromising your view. They are also great for long expanses of windows that need a little extra something to make them stand out.

Darkness and light

If you crave the darkness for a few more minutes in the morning, consider drapes with black-out liners in them. Not only will these help insulate your home, but they provide a high level of darkness. They’re especially helpful if you’re a restless sleeper, as it’s been proven that a dark room can contribute greatly to a more restful night’s sleep.

Perhaps you want to add a little more privacy, but greatly value the natural light that fills your space. You needn’t compromise on either when you use sheers over your windows. They add a layer of privacy from the outside and greatly soften a room’s appearance from the inside. You won’t lose the beautiful, natural light, and you can enjoy it in privacy and comfort!

When you’re thinking about making a change to your window treatments, don’t hesitate to contact us at Green Country Shutters. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have and help you decide what products are the most useful for your home and lifestyle.