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Creating your perfect space goes well beyond paint, art and furnishings. Windows are often the focal point of the room. As such, it’s essential to choose the best window treatments to not only accentuate your other décor, but to also showcase your gorgeous windows. Investing in custom-made window treatments will pay for itself over and over again. Not only will you be receiving something that will fit your style and the room’s design, but the quality far surpasses anything you might be able to buy off the shelf. Longer-lasting, more beautiful window treatments are easier than you think when you give Green Country Shutters a call!

In the Ketchum area, Charlotte East, owner of Green Country Shutters, specializes in providing you with friendly, personal service and a nearly endless array of high-quality window treatments.

Call in an expert

You can actually save time and money when you hire an expert to help you with your window treatments. With expert knowledge of the proper way to measure, the best materials for each application and a world of design experience, you cut out the frustration and mistakes that go with trying to do it yourself. Your window expert will be able to guide you toward the proper materials for light filtering, energy efficiency and privacy.

While your window treatment expert is in your home, inquire about costs and different material options. Each space will have specific requirements, such as water or humidity resistance, fade-proof UV protection, etc.

The options

Pleated, Cellular or Solar Shades – Shades are a popular choice for many homes. They require very little maintenance, come in a wide variety of materials and offer features such as higher energy efficiency and privacy. They are also low-profile, making them a perfect option in homes with limited space.
Wood and Faux Wood BlindsWood blinds are a great option for adding warmth and depth to a room’s appearance. They work well in designs from rustic to modern and maintain a fairly low profile. Wood and faux wood blinds afford the most flexibility in terms of paint and stain color choices.
Custom Draperies – For rich, layered looks, or airy and light, fabric draperies are the best option when you’re looking to add a multi-focal window treatment to your room’s décor. Not all drapes are made equally – make sure they will include details such as double-turned hems, bottom weights (if needed) and sewn-in liners. These little details can make or break the appearance of your drapes.

Wood or Composite Shutters – Shutters are a beautiful, traditional addition to any room. Hailing back centuries, our current shutters look just as at home in a modern build as in an historical property. With shutters available in a number of materials, it’s important to choose the best material for your application. For instance, in a bedroom or living room, shutters made of sustainable hardwood are a great choice. If you’re looking at placing them in your bathroom or laundry room, it might be a better option to go with composite shutters.
Regardless of which choice you make for your window treatments, be sure to work with a reputable company, such as Green Country Shutters. Years of experience and a keen eye for design make them the best option in Ketchum for quality, affordability and beauty.