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Are wood blinds or faux wood blinds right for your Langley area home?

When you are selecting window treatments for your Langley area home, wood blinds will likely be an option you consider for the warmth they add to a space. Not only do they provide classic beauty, but since they are available in numerous colors and stains, it is easy to match with most décor. Questions that will come up include whether you should select traditional wood blinds, if faux wood blinds are a better options for your space, or if you can mix both throughout your home. Both traditional wood blinds and faux wood blinds are often grouped together as the same product, but there are some important differences to consider before selecting one product instead of the others.

Which space are they going in?

Window treatments in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room of your Langley area home are generally exposed to excessive heat and humidity making these areas great candidates for the faux product lines. On the other hand, evaluate the look you want in formal living and dining spaces. The needs of high traffic areas are another element to consider when you are selecting between real and faux wood blinds.

Does your budget allow for the right product?

Faux wood blinds are generally less expensive than their real counterparts. While the cost savings can be tempting, one consideration is the price point of the home these blinds will be installed in. The real wood versions are often considered more upscale making them desirable for higher end properties, but you also want to evaluate if you are over improving. Working with an expert can allow you to learn about the grades available in each category which reflect in both the quality and appearance.

What is the Right Balance for Your Home?

Choosing a certain product for one space in your home does not mean you are locked in to that option for the entire residence. One option to gain the balance you need is ordering from the same brand, allowing you to meet the needs of each space. Working with a designer should provide guidance on how to balance your budget and the uniqueness of your space. Charlotte East, owner and founder of Green Country Shutters has more than two decades of experience helping homeowners to select the right window treatments they can appreciate now and for years to come. Her team has earned a reputation in Langley and the surrounding areas for knowledge and service.